Discussion Papers 2008

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Number Authors Title Date
CIRJE-F-605 Okazaki, Tetsuji and Michiru Sawada "Interbank Networks in Pre-war Japan: Structure and Implications" December 2008
CIRJE-F-604 Chen, Joe, Yun Jeong Choi, Kohta Mori, Yasayuki Sawada and Saki Sugano "Those Who Are Left Behind: An Estimate of the Number of Family Members of Suicide Victims in Japan" December 2008
CIRJE-F-603 Nakamura, Hisashi, Wataru Nozawa and Akihiko Takahashi "Macroeconomic Implications of Term Structures of Interest Rates under Stochastic Differential Utility with Non-Unitary EIS" November 2008; Revised in July 2009
CIRJE-F-602 Okazaki, Tetsuji, Kaori Ito and Asuka Imaizumi "Impact of Natural Disasters on Industrial Agglomeration: The Case of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake" November 2008; Revised in October 2009, June 2011
CIRJE-F-601 Kunitomo, Naoto and Seisho Sato "Realized Volatility, Covariance and Hedging Coefficient of the Nikkei-225 Futures with Micro-Market Noise" November 2008
CIRJE-F-600 Tanimoto, Masayuki "Cotton and the Peasant Economy: A Response to 'Superior' Foreign Fibre in Early Modern Japan" November 2008
CIRJE-F-599 Fujiwara-Greve, Takako and Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara "Voluntarily Separable Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma" October 2008
CIRJE-F-598 Matsushima, Hitoshi "Implementation and Social Influence" October 2008
CIRJE-F-597 Yamamoto, Kyo and Akihiko Takahashi "A Remark on a Singular Perturbation Method for Option Pricing under a Stochastic Volatility Model"" October 2008
CIRJE-F-596 Yamamoto, Kyo, Seisho Sato and Akihiko Takahashi "Probability Distribution and Option Pricing for Drawdown in a Stochastic Volatility Environment" October 2008
CIRJE-F-595 Ihori, Toshihiro and C.C. Yang "Tax Competition, Public Good Provision, and Income Redistribution: The Case of Linear Capital Income Tax" October 2008
CIRJE-F-594 Omori, Yasuhiro and Koji Miyawaki "Tobit Model with Covariate Dependent Thresholds" October 2008
CIRJE-F-593 Idee, Takako, Shinichiro Iwata and Teruyuki Taguchi "Auction Price Formation with Costly Occupants: Evidence Using Data from the Osaka District Court" September 2008
CIRJE-F-592 Takahashi, Akihiko and Kyo Yamamoto "Hedge Fund Replication" September 2008; Revised in November 2008
CIRJE-F-591 Pflüger, Michael and Takatoshi Tabuchi "Trade and Location with Land as a Productive Factor" September 2008
CIRJE-F-590 Kubokawa, Tatsuya "Bartlett-type Correction of the Generalized Least Squares Test in the Fay-Herriot Model" September 2008; Revised in June 2009
CIRJE-F-589 Fukuda, Shin-ichi "The Rise of China and Sustained Recovery of Japan" September 2008
CIRJE-F-588 Kunitomo, Naoto and Yukitoshi Matsushita "Improving the Rank-Adjusted Anderson-Rubin Test with Many Instruments and Persistent Heteroscedasticity" September 2008
CIRJE-F-587 Yajima, Yoshihiro and Yasumasa Matsuda "Asymptotic Properties of the LSE of a Spatial Regression in both Weakly and Strongly Dependent Stationary Random Fields" September 2008
CIRJE-F-586 Yanagawa, Noriyuki "Financial Imperfection and Outsourcing Decision" September 2008
CIRJE-F-585 Yanagawa, Noriyuki "Biased Motivation of Experts: Should They be Aggressive or Conservative?" September 2008
CIRJE-F-584 Kubokawa, Tatsuya and Muni S. Srivastava "Modified Bayesian Information Criterion in Linear Mixed Models" September 2008
CIRJE-F-583 Yanagawa, Noriyuki and Ryoko Oki "Exclusive Dealing Contract and Inefficient Entry Threat" September 2008
CIRJE-F-582 Iwata, Shinichiro and Keiko Tamada "The Backward-bending Commute Times of Married Women with Household Responsibility" September 2008
CIRJE-F-581 Kunitomo, Naoto and Seisho Sato "Separating Information Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Realized Volatility and Covariance with Micro-Market Noise" August 2008
CIRJE-F-580 Ericsson, Christer "Company Strategies and Sport Models" July 2008
CIRJE-F-579 Ericsson, Christer "Industrial Paternalistic Corporate Company Strategies in Theory and Practice in Nordic Countries and Japan from 1900s to 1960s" July 2008
CIRJE-F-578 Kubokawa, Tatsuya and Hisayuki Tsukuma "Minimaxity of the Stein Risk-Minimization Estimator for a Normal Mean Matrix" July 2008
CIRJE-F-577 Anderson, T. W., Naoto Kunitomo and Yukitoshi Matsushita "On Finite Sample Properties of Alternative Estimators of Coefficients in a Structural Equation with Many Instruments" July 2008
CIRJE-F-576 Kunitomo, Naoto "An Optimal Modification of the LIML Estimation for Many Instruments and Persistent Heteroscedasticity" July 2008; Revised in May 2009
CIRJE-F-575 Srivastava, Muni S. and Tatsuya Kubokawa "Conditional Information Criteria for Selecting Variables in Linear Mixed Models" July 2008; Revised in December 2008
CIRJE-F-574 Altonji, Joseph G., Hidehiko Ichimura and Taisuke Otsu "Estimating Derivatives in Nonseparable Models with Limited Dependent Variables" July 2008
CIRJE-F-573 Gospodinov, Nikolay and Masayuki Hirukawa "Time Series Nonparametric Regression Using Asymmetric Kernels with an Application to Estimation of Scalar Diffusion Processes" June 2008
CIRJE-F-572 Kano, Takashi "Habit Formation and the Present-Value Model of the Current Account: Yet Another Suspect" June 2008
CIRJE-F-571 Ericsson, Christer and Björn Horgby "The Middle Class Patriarch in the Bourgeois Public" June 2008
CIRJE-F-570 Kubokawa, Tatsuya "Integral Inequality for Minimaxity in the Stein Problem" June 2008; Revised in August 2009
CIRJE-F-569 Hamaaki, Junya and Yasushi Iwamoto "A reappraisal of the incidence of employer contributions to social security in Japan" June 2008
CIRJE-F-568 Miyawaki, Koji, Yasuhiro Omori and Akira Hibiki "Bayesian Estimation of Demand Functions under Block Rate Pricing" June 2008
CIRJE-F-567 Takahashi, Akihiko and Akira Yamazaki "A New Scheme for Static Hedging of European Derivatives under Stochastic Volatility Models" June 2008
CIRJE-F-566 Okazaki, Tetsuji "Supplier Networks and Aircraft Production in Wartime Japan" June 2008; Revised in September 2009
CIRJE-F-565 Kobayashi, Takao, Risa Sai and Kazuya Shibata "Human Capital as an Asset Mix and Optimal Life-Cycle Portfolio: An Analytical Solution" June 2008
CIRJE-F-564 Fukuda, Shin-ichi, Munehisa Kasuya and Kentaro Akashi "Impaired Bank Health and Default Risk" May 2008
CIRJE-F-563 Kiyota, Kozo and Tetsuji Okazaki "Industrial Policy Cuts Two Ways: Evidence from Cotton Spinning Firms in Japan, 1956-1964" May 2008; Revised in January 2009, April 2009
CIRJE-F-562 Okazaki, Tetsuji "Industrial Development, Firm Dynamics and Patterns of Productivity Growth: The Case of the Cotton Spinning Industry in Prewar Japan, 1894-1924" May 2008
CIRJE-F-561 Asahi, Chisato, Satoshi Hikino and Yoshitsugu Kanemoto "Consumption Side Agglomeration Economies in Japanese Cities" April 2008
CIRJE-F-560 Matsushima, Hitoshi "Effects of Reputation in Bubbles and Crashes" April 2008
CIRJE-F-559 Kubokawa, Tatsuya and Nyambaa Erdembat "On Testing Linear Hypothesis in a Nested Error Regression Model" April 2008
CIRJE-F-558 Chen, Joe, Yun Jeong Choi and Yasuyuki Sawada "Suicide and Life Insurance" April 2008
CIRJE-F-557 Chen, Joe, Yun Jeong Choi and Yasuyuki Sawada "How Is Suicide Different in Japan?" April 2008
CIRJE-F-556 Sugawara, Shinya and Yasuhiro Omori "Bayesian Estimation of Entry Games with Application to Japanese Airline Data" April 2008
CIRJE-F-555 Ohashi, Hiroshi "How to Measure the Outcome of Innovations: Application to Product Innovations" April 2008
CIRJE-F-554 Ihori, Toshihiro and Martin McGuire "National Adversity: Managing Insurance and Protection" April 2008
CIRJE-F-553 Ihori, Toshihiro and C. C. Yang "Interregional Tax Competition and Intraregional Political Competition: The Optimal Provision of Public Goods" April 2008
CIRJE-F-552 Ihori, Toshihiro "Overlapping Tax Revenue, Local Debt Control and Soft-Budget Constraint" April 2008
CIRJE-F-551 Fujiwara-Greve, Takako, Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara and Nobue Suzuki "Voluntarily Separable Prisoner's Dilemma with Reference Letters" March 2008
CIRJE-F-550 Narayana, Muttur Ranganathan "Substituability between Mobile and Fixed Telephones: Evidence and Implications for India" March 2008; Revised in May 2008
CIRJE-F-549 Arimoto, Yutaka, Tetsuji Okazaki and Masaki Nakabayashi "Agrarian Land Tenancy in Prewar Japan: Contract Choice and Implications on Productivity" March 2008
CIRJE-F-548 Ohashi, Hiroshi "Effects of Transparency in Procurement Practices on Government Expenditure: A Case Study of Municipal Public Works" March 2008
CIRJE-F-547 Nakayama, Keita and Akihiko Takahashi "A Factor Allocation Approach to Optimal Bond Portfolio" March 2008; Revised in March 2008
CIRJE-F-546 Takahashi, Akihiko and Akira Yamazaki "A New Scheme for Static Hedging of European Derivatives under Stochastic Volatility Models" March 2008
CIRJE-F-545 Narayana, Muttur Ranganathan "Telecommunication Services and Economic Growth: Evidence from India" February 2008
CIRJE-F-544 Narayana, Muttur Ranganathan "Globalization and Urban Growth: Evidence for Bangalore (India)" January 2008; Revised in February 2008
CIRJE-F-543 Narayana, Muttur Ranganathan "Performance of Urban India during Globalization Period: An Economic Analysis" January 2008; Revised in February 2008
CIRJE-F-542 Anderson, T. W., Naoto Kunitomo and Yukitoshi Matsushita "On the Asymptotic Optimality of the LIML Estimator with Possibly Many Instruments" January 2008
CIRJE-F-541 Mochida, Nobuki "Subnational Borrowing in Japan : from 'Implicit Guarantee' to Market Discipline and Fiscal Rule" January 2008
CIRJE-F-540 Nakamura, Hisashi, Keita Nakayama and Akihiko Takahashi "Term Structure of Interest Rates under Recursive Preferences in Continuous Time" January 2008; Revised in February 2008
CIRJE-F-539 Takahashi, Akihiko and Akira Yamazaki "Efficient Static Replication of European Options under Exponential Levy Models" January 2008
CIRJE-F-538 Takahashi, Akihiko and KohtaTakehara "Fourier Transform Method with an Asymptotic Expansion Approach: an Application to Currency Options" January 2008; Revised in February 2008, January 2009
CIRJE-F-537 Abe, Makoto ""Counting Your Customers" One by One: A Hierarchical Bayes Extension to the Pareto/NBD Model" January 2008; Revised in February 2009
CIRJE-F-536 Takahashi, Akihiko and KohtaTakehara "A Hybrid Asymptotic Expansion Scheme:an Application to Long-term Currency Options" January 2008; Revised in April 2008, January 2009

Number Authors Title Date
CIRJE-J-207 Mori, Kohta, Joe Chen, Yun Jeong Choi, Yasayuki Sawada and Saki Sugano "An Estimate of the Number of Family Members of Suicide Victims in Japan" December 2008
CIRJE-J-206 Okazaki, Tetsuji "Zaibatsu and Flow of Fund: A Case of Mitsubishi, 1937-1944" December 2008
CIRJE-J-205 Fukuda, Shin-ichi "The Role of Monetary Policy under Financial Turbulence: What role did the quantitative easing policy play in Japan?" October 2008
CIRJE-J-204 Baba, Satoshi "The Concept of "Social City" in Germany and its relation to "Social State"" September 2008
CIRJE-J-203 Kato, Kengo, Naoto Kunitomo and Satoshi Masuda "Lasso-Quantile Regression and its Application to a Non-life Insurance Problem" August 2008
CIRJE-J-202 Miwa, Yoshiro ""Credit Crunch"?: Details from Borrower Quarterly Financial Data about What Actually Happened in Japan during 1997-1999" August 2008
CIRJE-J-201 Obinata, Takashi "Net Income vs. Comprehensive Income A Reexamination of Attributes, Relevance, and Price Informativeness" August 2008; Revised in December 2008
CIRJE-J-200 Sun, Jae-Won "Management Rationalization and 'Job Organization's Reform': A Case Study of the Showadenko Company in Japan, 1949-62" August 2008
CIRJE-J-199 Okazaki, Tetsuji "Investment Wave, Vintage Spike and Productivity: Rethinking "Industrial Rationalization" in Postwar Japan" August 2008
CIRJE-J-198 Obinata, Takashi "Usefulness of Earnings and Market Efficiency" July 2008
CIRJE-J-197 Miwa, Yoshiro "An Invitation to Health Economics: A Review Essay: Ryu Niki, Shigeru Tanaka, Naoki Ikegami, Shuzo Nishimura, and Hisao Endo eds. Koza Iryokeizai-Seisakugaku (Lecture Series on Health Economy and Health Policy Research) Tokyo: Keiso-shobo, 2005-2007" July 2008
CIRJE-J-196 Kobayashi, Takao and Seiji Minami "A Separation Theorem of Active Management and Synthetic Enhanced Active Strategies" June 2008
CIRJE-J-195 Obinata, Takashi "Analysts' Earnings Forecasts and the Value Relevance of Earnings" June 2008
CIRJE-J-194 Obinata, Takashi and Takako Okada "Accounting Behavior of Firms Recognizing Impairment Losses" April 2008
CIRJE-J-193 Ueda, Osamu and Kazuro Saguchi  "The Evolution of Japanese Human Resource Management in 1950s" March 2008
CIRJE-J-192 Saguchi, Kazuro "Traditional Institutionalism in Labor Studies : Is It Still Useful in the New Century ?" March 2008
CIRJE-J-191 Ishihara, Tsunehiro and Yasuhiro Omori "Markov Switching Asymmetric Stochastic Volatility Model with Application to TOPIX Data -A Permutation Sampler Approach-" February 2008
CIRJE-J-190 Kasuya, Makoto "Financial Business in Tokugawa Japan" February 2008

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