CIRJE-J-206 『戦時期における三菱財閥本社の資本取引: 内部資本市場と外部資本市場』
"Zaibatsu and Flow of Fund: A Case of Mitsubishi, 1937-1944"
Author Name 岡崎哲二(Tetsuji Okazaki)
Date December 2008
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Remarks 『三菱史料館論集』第10号, 115?128頁 ,2009年 所収。 
Abstract (Japanese) Abstract (English)

This paper explores the flow of fund around the holding company (headquarters) of Mitsubishi Zaibatsu during the Second World War. From the late 1930s, the Mitsubishi holding company started to raise fund from the outside capital market through selling the shares of its affiliated companies, and invested the fund to other affiliated companies. In this sense, Mitsubishi Zaibatsu was no more a semi-closed internal capital market as it used to be. In 1940, the holding company took another step, namely, public offering of its own shares. After that, while raising fund more from the outside market, it invested to wider range of firms. From 1943, a new phase started, where the affiliated companies raised fund directly from the outside market, not through the holding company.