CIRJE-F-576 "An Optimal Modification of the LIML Estimation for Many Instruments and Persistent Heteroscedasticity"
Author Name Kunitomo, Naoto
Date July 2008
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Remarks Revised in May 2009; revised version forthcoming in AISM (Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics), 881-910, 2011.

We consider the estimation of coefficients of a structural equation with many instrumental variables in a simultaneous equation system. It is mathematically equivalent to an estimating equation estimation or a reduced rank regression in the statistical linear models when the number of restrictions or the dimension increases with the sample size. As a semi-parametric method, we propose a class of modifications of the limited information maximum likelihood (LIML) estimator to improve its asymptotic properties as well as the small sample properties for many instruments and persistent heteroscedasticity. We show that an asymptotically optimal modification of the LIML estimator, which is called AOM-LIML, improves the LIML estimator and other estimation methods. We give a set of sufficient conditions for an asymptotic optimality when the number of instruments or the dimension is large with persistent heteroscedasticity including a case of many weak instruments.