CIRJECenter for International Research
on the Japanese Economy

What's New

  • 2023/11/18-11/19
    International Symposium "Navigating Commodities: Production, Markets, and Consumption in History" (Organizer: Koji Yamamoto) will be held.

  • 2023/11/11
    Japan-Korea Student Forum (Organizer: Taiji Furusawa) will be held. (Registration is closed.)

  • 2021.4.1 New Director Appointed
    Professor Kosuke Aoki appointed the director of CIRJE.
  • Discussion Papers

    • CIRJE-F-1206 Kizaki, Keisuke, Taiga Saito and Akihiko Takahashi, "A Multi-Agent Incomplete Equilibrium Model and Its Applications to Reinsurance Pricing and Life-Cycle Investment", Decmber 2022; Revised in November 2023.
    • CIRJE-F-1198 Kizaki, Keisuke, Taiga Saito and Akihiko Takahashi, "Multi-agent Robust Optimal Investment Problem in Incomplete Market", November 2022; Revised in November 2023.
    • CIRJE-F-1221 Matsumoto, Tomoko and Tetsuji Okazaki, "The Marriage of Politics and Economy: Elite Fusion in the Age of Modernization", October 2023.


    CIRJE is pleased to welcome the following new visitors and guests:

    • 2023.11.14 Marc Henry (The Pennsylvania State University)
    • 2023.11.4 to 2023.11.19 Illia Negri (University of Bergamo)
    • 2023.10.23 to 2023.11.19 Stefano Lovo (HEC Paris)
    • 2023.10.18 to 2024.1.8 Leslie Hannah(London School of Economics)
    • 2023.10.16 to 2024.1.8 Jun Nakabayashi (Kyoto University)
    • 2023.4.1 to 2024.3.31 Ippei Fujiwara(Keio University)