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      日 程                    氏 名 (所 属)
2017.3.20 to 2017.3.24 比嘉一仁 (九州大学)
2017.3.12 to 2017.3.24 Ali Hortaçsu (University of Chicago)
2016.12.1 to 2017.3.31 Eric Weese (神戸大学)



CIRJE-J-284 柴田徳太郎, 『プラグマティズムと制度経済学の可能性-現代資本主義分析への適用-』, 2017年3月.
CIRJE-F-1042 Matsumoto, Tomoko and Tetsuji Okazaki, "Change in Membership and Ranking of the Elites over Phases of Regime Change", March 2017.
CIRJE-F-989 Weese, Eric, Masayoshi Hayashi and Masashi Nishikawa, "Inefficiency and Self-Determination: Simulation-based Evidence from Meiji Japan", 2015年8月; 2017年3月改訂.
CIRJE-F-997 Fujii, Masaaki and Akihiko Takahashi, "Quadratic-exponential growth BSDEs with Jumps and their Malliavin's Differentiability"; 2017年3月改訂.
CIRJE-F-1010 Fukui, Takaya, Seisho Sato, and Akihiko Takahashi, "Style Analysis with Particle Filtering and Generalized Simulated Annealing", 2016年6月; 2017年3月改訂.
CIRJE-F-1041 Gokan, Yoichi, "Do Consumption Externalities Correspond to the Indivisible Tax Rates on Consumpiton?", 2017年3月.
CIRJE-F-1040 Adachi, Takanori and Michal Fabinger, "Multi-Dimensional Pass-Through, Incidence, and the Welfare Burden of Taxation in Oligopoly", 2017年2月.
CIRJE-F-1039 Andreoni, James, Michael Callen, Karrar Hussain, Muhammad Yasir Khan and Charles Sprenger, "Using Preference Estimates to Customize Incentives: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan", 2017年2月.
CIRJE-F-1038 Nakano, Masafumi, Akihiko Takahashi and Soichiro Takahashi, "Creating Investment Scheme with State Space Modeling", 2017年2月.
CIRJE-F-1037 Nakano, Masafumi, Akihiko Takahashi and Soichiro Takahashi, "Fuzzy Logic-based Portfolio Selection with Particle Filtering and Anomaly Detection", 2017年2月.

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