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What's New    Last Update: 2021/5/7


Professor Kosuke Aoki appointed the director of CIRJE. (April 1, 2021)


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Individual Meeting (Application : by Invitation Only)


CIRJE is pleased to welcome the following new visitors and guests:

Visiting term Name (Affiliation)
2021.4.1 to 2022.3.31 Takashi Kano (Hitotsubashi University)

Discussion Papers   

CIRJE-F-1166 Okazaki, Tetsuji, "The Impact of Technological Change on Labor: The Japanese Silk Weaving Industry during the Industrial Revolution", May 2021.
CIRJE-F-1165 Saito, Taiga and Akihiko Takahashi, "Portfolio Optimization with Choice of a Probability Measure", 2021年4月.
CIRJE-J-300 Hayashi, Masayoshi, "The System of Public Assistance and the Earnings of its Recipients in Japan", April 2021.
CIRJE-F-1164 Hayashi, Masayoshi, "Transfer Benefits, Implicit Taxes, and the Earnings of Welfare Recipients: Evidence from Public Assistance Programs in Japan", April 2021.
CIRJE-F-1163 Kawata, Keisuke and Yasuhiro Sato, "A First Aid Kit to Assess Welfare Impacts", April 2021.
CIRJE-F-1160 Saito, Taiga and Akihiko Takahashi, "Supplementary File for "Sup-Inf/Inf-Sup Problem on Choice of a Probability Measure by FBSDE Approach"", February 2021; Revised in March 2021.
CIRJE-F-1162 Fujii, Masaaki and Akihiko Takahashi, "Equilibrium Price Formation with a Major Player and its Mean Field Limit", February 2021.
CIRJE-F-1136 Nakatani, Souta, Kiyohiko G. Nishimura, Taiga Saito and Akihiko Takahashi, "Online Appendix for Interest Rate Model with Investor Attitude and Text Mining ", December 2019; Revised in February 2021.
CIRJE-F-1131 Saito, Taiga and Akihiko Takahashi, "A Novel Approach to Asset Pricing with Choice of Probability Measures", 2019年11月; Revised in February 2021.
CIRJE-F-1161 Ogawa, Hikaru, "Supplementary File for "Still Under-Taxing the Digital MNE? Assessing the Tax Principles of Pillar One in the BEPS Project", February 2021.

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