CIRJECenter for International Research
on the Japanese Economy

What's New

  • New Director Appointed
    Professor Kosuke Aoki appointed the director of CIRJE.
  • Discussion Papers

    • CIRJE-F-1195Dong, Xinwei, Dean R. Hyslop, and Daiji Kawaguchi, "Training, Productivity and Wages: Direct Evidence from a Temporary Help Agency", May 2022.
    • CIRJE-F-1194Kawarazaki, Hikaru, Minhaj Mahmud, Yasuyuki Sawada, Mai Seki, and Kazuma Takakura, "Still Biased? A Remaining Classical Selection Problem of RCTs in Education ", May 2022.
    • CIRJE-F-1193Miyata, Sachiko, Yasuyuki Sawada, and Kazuma Takakura, "Rise and Fall of New Technology: Quasi-experimental Evidence from a Developing Country", May 2022.
    • CIRJE-F-1185 Matsushima, Hitoshi, ""Free-Rider Problem and Sovereignty Protection"", January 2022; Revised in April 2022.


    CIRJE is pleased to welcome the following new visitors and guests:

    • 2022.5.19 to 2022.6.17 Cheng Chen (Clemson University)
    • 2022. 5. 1 to 2022. 7. 4 Marc Henry (The Penssylvania State University)
    • 2022. 4. 25 to 2022. 8. 8 Kota Murayama (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)