CIRJECenter for International Research
on the Japanese Economy

What's New

  • New Director Appointed
    Professor Kosuke Aoki appointed the director of CIRJE.
  • Discussion Papers

    • CIRJE-F-1199Borck, Rainald, Jun Oshiro and Yasuhiro Sato, "Property Tax Competition: A Quantitative Assessment", September 2022.
    • CIRJE-F-1188Yamagishi, Atsushi and Yasuhiro Sato, "Measuring Discrimination in Spatial Equilibrium: 100 Years of Japan’s Invisible Race", Februaru 2022; Revised in September 2022.
    • CIRJE-F-1198Kizaki, Keisuke, Taiga Saito and Akihiko Takahashi, "Multi-agent Robust Optimal Investment Problem in Incomplete Market", September 2022.
    • CIRJE-J-305Okazaki, Testuji, "Planned Shipbuilding and Nagasaki Shipyard of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. during the Pacific War", August 2022.


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