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What's New    Last Update: 2016/1/29



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Individual Meeting (Application : by Invitation Only)


CIRJE is pleased to welcome the following new visitors and guests:

      Visiting term                    Name (Affiliation)
2016.2.1 to 2016.2.28  Mohammad Abdul Malek (BRAC)
2016.1.4 to 2016.4.30  Hitoshi Shigeoka (Simon Fraser University)
2015.4.1 to 2016.3.31  Masaru Inaba (Kansai University)

Discussion Papers   

CIRJE-F-999 Egorov, Konstantin and Michal Fabinger, "Reputational Effects in Sovereign Default", January 2016.
CIRJE-J-273 Obata, Michiaki, "Reassemble the Basis of Marxian Economics", January 2016.
CIRJE-F-998 Shiraya, Kenichiro and Akihiko Takahashi, "An Asymptotic Expansion for Local-Stochastic Volatility with Jump Models", December 2015.
CIRJE-F-997 Fujii, Masaaki and Akihiko Takahashi, "Quadratic-exponential growth BSDEs with Jumps
and their Malliavin’s Differentiability", December 2015.
CIRJE-F-996 Kunitomo, Naoto and Daisuke Kurisu, "On Effects of Jump and Noise in High-Frequency Financial Econometrics", November, 2015.
CIRJE-F-947 Shiraya, Kenichiro and Akihiko Takahashi, "Price Impacts of Imperfect Collateralization", November 2014; Revised in November 2015.
CIRJE-F-995 Ito, Tsubasa and Tatsuya Kubokawa, "Linear Ridge Estimator of High-Dimensional Precision Matrix Using Random Matrix Theory", November 2015.
CIRJE-J-272 Nishikawa, Kohei and Hiroshi Ohashi, "Economic Analysis of Condominium Management: Market Competition and Human Resource Management ", October 2015.
CIRJE-F-994 Hannah, Leslie, "Rethinking Corporate Finance Fables: Did the US Lag Europe before 1914?", October 2015.
CIRJE-J-271 Miwa, Yoshiro and J. Mark Ramseyer, "2014 Amendments to the Corporate Code, "Corporate Governance Code", and "Outside Directors"", October, 2015.

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