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What's New    Last Update: 2015/3/2



CIRJE is pleased to welcome the following new visitors and guests:

      Visiting term                    Name (Affiliation)
2015.2.24 to 2015.3.8  Pierre M. Picard (University of Luxembourg)
2014.4.1 to 2015.3.31  Makiko Nakamuro (Keio University)

Discussion Papers   

CIRJE-F-961 Goto, Jun, Yasuyuki Sawada, Takeki Aida and Keitaro Aoyagi, "Incentives and Social Preferences: Experimental Evidence from a Seemingly Inefficient Traditional Labor Contract", March 2015.
CIRJE-F-960 Matsushima, Hitoshi, "Connected Price Dynamics with Revealed Preferences and Auctioneer's Discretion in VCG Combinatorial Auction", February 2015.
CIRJE-F-959 Yoshikawa, Hiroshi, Hideaki Aoyama, Yoshi Fujiwara and Hiroshi Iyetomi"Deflation/Inflation Dynamics: Analysis based on Micro Prices", February 2015.
CIRJE-F-909 Takahashi, Akihiko and Toshiaki Yamada, "A Weak Approximation with Asymptotic Expansion and Multidimensional Malliavin Weights", Revised in February 2015.
CIRJE-F-958 Ikeda, Yuki and Tatsuya Kubokawa, "Linear Shrinkage Estimation of Large Covariance Matrices with Use of Factor Models", February 2015.
CIRJE-F-957 Sugasawa, Shonosuke and Tatsuya Kubokoawa, "Box-Cox Transformed Linear Mixed Models for Positive-Valued and Clustered Data", February 2015.
CIRJE-F-956 Isogawa, Daiya, Kohei Nishikawa and Hiroshi Ohashi, "Innovation Height and Firm Performance:Using Innovation Survey from Japan", February 2015.
CIRJE-J-268 Miwa, Yoshiro, "Improving Economic Statistics in order to Improve Economic Policy and Research: (5)Diagnosis and Treatment --- 5W1H, the statistical system, Rokumeikan after half a century, The Emperor in New Clothes", January 2015.
CIRJE-F-955 Matsushima, Hitoshi, "Optimal Mechanism Design: Type-Independent Preference Orderings", February 2015.
CIRJE-F-954 Fujii, Masaaki and Akihiko Takahashi, "Perturbative Expansion Technique for Non-linear FBSDEs with Interacting Particle Method", January 2015.
CIRJE-J-267 Miwa, Yoshiro, "Improving Economic Statistics in order to Improve Economic Policy and Research: (4)An International Comparison with respect to 93SNA, supply-use tables, productivity index, deflators, and the public sector “output” ", January 2015.
CIRJE-F-953 Kurose, Yuta and Yasuhiro Omori, "Dynamic Equicorrelation Stochastic Volatility", January 2015.


Nakajima, Jouchi, Tsuyoshi Kunihama and Yasuhiro Omori, "Bayesian Modeling of Dynamic Extreme Values: Extension of Generalized Extreme Value Distributions with Latent Stochastic Processes", January 2015.

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