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What's New    Last Update: 2019/1/21



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Individual Meeting (Application : by Invitation Only)


CIRJE is pleased to welcome the following new visitors and guests:

Visiting term Name (Affiliation)
2018.7.1 to 2019.3.31 Shuhei Takahashi (Kyoto University)

Discussion Papers   


Hoffmann, Mathias, Tetsuji Okazaki and Toshihiro Okubo, "Branch Banking and Regional
Financial Markets: Evidence from Prewar Japan", January 2019.


Fukuda, Shin-ichi and Naoto Soma, "Inflation Target and Anchor of Inflation Forecasts in Japan", January 2019.


Takasaki, Yoshito and Ryoko Sato, "Is Antenatal Care Effective? Experimental Evidence from Rural Nigeria", December 2018.

CIRJE-F-1106 Higuchi, Yuki, Nobuhiko Fuwa, Kei Kajisa, Takahiro Sato and Yasuyuki Sawada, "Disaster Aid Targeting and Self-Reporting Bias: Natural Experimental Evidence from the Philippines", December 2018.
CIRJE-F-1105 Hayashi, Masayoshi and Takafumi Suzuki, "Municipal Mergers and Capitalization: Evaluating the Heisei Territorial Reform in Japan", December 2018.
CIRJE-F-1073 Okazaki, Tetsuji, Ken Onishi and Naoki Wakamori, "Excess Capacity and Effectiveness of Policy Interventions: Evidence from the Cement Industry", December 2017; Revised in December 2018.
CIRJE-F-1104 Sato, Yasuhiro and Yves Zenou, "Assimilation Patterns in Cities", December 2018.
CIRJE-F-1103 Miyazawa, Kazutoshi, Hikaru Ogawa and Toshiki Tamai, "Tax Competition and Fiscal Sustainability", December 2018.
CIRJE-F-1102 Saito, Taiga, Akihiko Takahashi, Noriaki Koide, Yu Ichifuji, "Application of Online Booking Data to Hotel Revenue Management", November 2018.
CIRJE-F-1101 Nishimura, Kiyohiko G., Seisho Sato and Akihiko Takahashi, "Term Structure Models During the Global Financial Crisis: A Parsimonious Text Mining Approach", October 2018; Revised in December 2018.

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