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What's New    Last Update: 2018/5/23




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Individual Meeting (Application : by Invitation Only)


CIRJE is pleased to welcome the following new visitors and guests:

Visiting term Name (Affiliation)
2018.5.14 to 2018.6.15 Xing Xia ( Yale-NUS College)
2018.5.2 to 2018.5.29 Patrick Fridenson (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales)
2018.4.1 to 2018.6.30 Ryo Jinnai (Hitotsubashi University)

Discussion Papers   

CIRJE-F-1086 Fujii, Masaaki and Akihiko Takahashi, "Solving Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with quadratic-growth drivers by Connecting the Short-term Expansions", May 2018.
CIRJE-F-1074 Marszalec, Daniel, "Testing the Validity of Non-Parametric Value Estimates in Treasury Bill Auctions Using Top-Up Auction Data", December 2017; Revised in May 2018.
CIRJE-F-1085 Hashidate, Yosuke, "A Cognitive Foundation for Social Image Concerns", April 2018.
CIRJE-F-1063 Okazaki, Tetsuji, "Development State Evolving: Japan's Graduation from a Middle Income Country", August 2017; Revised in April 2018
CIRJE-F-1084 Kudoh, Noritaka, Hiroaki Miyamoto and Masaru Sasaki, "Employment and Hours over the Business Cycle in a Model with Search Frictions", April 2018.
CIRJE-F-1083 Hashidate, Yosuke, "Preferences for Randomization and Anticipated Utility", April 2018.
CIRJE-F-1082 Hashidate, Yosuke, "Attribute-Based Inferences in Subjective State Spaces: A Dissatisficing-Averse Utility Representation", April 2018.
CIRJE-F-1055 Okazaki, Tetsuji, "Disentangling the Effects of Technological and Organizational Changes during the Rise of the Factory: The Case of the Japanese Weaving Industry, 1905-1914", July 2017; Revised in April 2018
CIRJE-J-296 Saguchi, Kazuro, Sanford Jacoby, and Thomas Altura "The Impact of Rideshare in Japan", March 2018.
CIRJE-F-1081 Fukuda, Shin-ichi, Munehisa Kasuya, and Jouchi Nakajima, "The Role of Corporate Governance in Japanese Unlisted Companies", March 2018.

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