CIRJE-J-243 『三菱商事の成長と店舗間取引ネットワーク:1922-28 年度』
"Intra-Firm Trade Network in Mitsubishi Corporation, 1922-28"
Author Name 岡崎哲二 (Tetsuji Okazaki)
Date October 2012
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   This paper presents the intra-firm trade network in Mitsubishi Corporation (Mitsubishi
Shoji) in the 1920s. In this period, Mitsubishi Co. established a global branch network to expand trades. Using original documents of Mitsubishi Co., we obtained the data on the trade flow between every pair of the headquarters and branches in 1922 and 1928. It was confirmed that there was a dense global intra-firm trade network, and that some branches as well as the headquarters played the role of hubs in the network. Also, we
found that the structure of the network substantially changed over time for the headquarters to have a central position.