CIRJE-F-752 "Asset Bubbles, Endogenous Growth, and Financial Frictions"
Author Name Hirano, Tomohiro and Noriyuki Yanagawa
Date July 2010
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Remarks @@Revised in October 2010.

This paper analyzes the existence and the effects of bubbles in an endogenous growth model with financial frictions and heterogeneous investments. Bubbles are likely to emerge when the degree of pledgeability is in the middle range. This suggests that improving the financial market might enhance the possibility of bubbles. We also find that when the degree of pledgeability is relatively low, bubbles boost long-run growth. When it is relatively high, bubbles lower growth. Moreover, we examine the effects of bubbles bursting, and show that the effects depend on the degree of pledgeability, i.e., the quality of the financial system.