CIRJE-F-697 "A Survey on Modeling and Analysis of Basis Spreads"
Author Name Fujii, Masaaki and Akihiko Takahashi
Date December 2009
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Remarks Revised in February 2012; forthcoming in Recent Advances in Financial Engineering 2011.@

The recent financial crisis has spiked the credit and liquidity premia among financial products, and significant widening of basis spreads among Libors with different tenors and currencies has been observed in interest rate markets. Our previous work, "A Note on Construction of Multiple Swap Curves with and without Collateral" has developed an arbitrage-free curve construction method with all the relevant spreads taken into account. This short note carries out a brief survey on the existing analysis of spreads' dynamics and pricing models as a preparation for the development of a model that enables us to price and hedge generic financial derivatives under the new market condition.